Indigena Retail

Indigena Retail

Indigena products available for retail purchase.
Facial travel kits, salt soaks, soaps, lip balms, and muscle relief lotion are all available at Still Waters ... These products are of the highest quality, do not use ingredients with pesticides, that were animal tested, or contain parabens or petroleum. So remember that a little goes a very long way with all Indigena items ~ only a dab will do ya! 

The Indigena Travel Kit~ $60 + taxes

Hands down the best value for all of  these Indigena products. My clients have been loving this ensemble of a facial in a tube. It travels well with them and you receive a 15ml jar each of:

Rooiboos Tea Cleanser
Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub
Sea Veggie Mask
Sea Veggie Moisturizer
Smooch Lip Balm 

Value individually for these items ~ $97 a savings of over $30! 

The Bath Salt Collection ~ $30 + tax

A collection of Indigena bath salts and soaks for every "Body" ...  Sea salts infused with berries and botanicals from land and sea, harvested right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. This bundle has a retail value of $37.

Post Workout Bath Crystals
Sea Veggie Sea Soak
Partridgeberry Bath Soak
Sea Berry Bath Soak
Sea Goddess Bath Crystals
Blueberry Bath Salts

Acne Trio Kit ~ $19 + taxes

A perfect starter kit ...

These products are gentle but effective in helping to heal your skin. A perfect starter kit for Acne, blemish prone and sensitive skin.  This kit contains Rooibos Cleanser 40ml (which can be used as a cleanser and/or a light moisturizer), Seaberry soap and Sea Mineral Mist 40ml toner.Great for all ages, but a nice starter kit for that special teen or someone with sensitive skin.

This kit has a value of $27 

Muscle Recovery Balm 15ml  ~ $15 + tax

This has been a client favorite and I can't keep it on the shelves. With a light minty smell and infused with Labrador Tea, which is a natural anti inflammatory, this balm will relieve those tired and achy muscles. Client's have also reported that it helps when they feel a headache coming on if they rub it on their necks and across their forehead. A little goes along way with this product and it's a great way to try it out before purchasing the larger tub (which most people have!). Couple this with a massage and you be one happy customer ~ and your body will thank you!

Seaberry Soap ~ $5 + tax

A mild but effective soap that is great for sensitive skin. The Sea berry or sea buckthorn berry is widely used, and probably best known, as a beauty berry.  Daily use can keep you young and healthy from the inside-out, nourishing the skin and body tissues.

These bars when dried with a towel after use and put back into it's package can last, depending on amount of use, upwards to two months. 

Partridgeberry Lip-balm ~ $7.00 + tax

The Partridgeberry Lip-balm is formulated with antioxidant rich partridgeberry seed oil. It is a treatment product to soothe, plump and hydrate delicate lips while helping fight aging in lip area. With a subtle taste of one of Newfoundland's favorite berries your lips will be hydrated and nourished. 


The Sport Travel Kit
The Sport Travel Kit is the perfect skincare kit for the on-the-go guy or gal in your life. All the products come In travel-friendly sizes (40ml) and in a resealable package, it is the perfect kit to throw in your gym bag or pack in your carry on!

The Kit Includes:
- White Tea Cleanser, for cleansing the skin
- Sea Mineral Mist, the perfect face and body refresher
- Lemon & Rosehip Shampoo, which doubles as a shower gel

- Rooibos Tea Cleanser, great for post shaving hydration
- Blissful Lip Balm or Smooch Lip Balm to take care of even the most chapped and dry lips.

Incredible value for all of these products at $25 for the set. Only have two on hand!!

Sea Veggie Facial Lotion & Rooiboos Tea Cleanser
You can buy these separate or as a great skin care starter set. The Sea Veggie Facial Lotion is a nice light moisturizer great for all skin types. The Rooiboos Tea cleanser is a very calming face wash that also doubles as a light moisturizer in a pinch. 
I have 4 Sea Veggie Lotions at $ 26 for 50 ml and 3 Rooiboos tea cleansers at $8 plus tax.

Singles of the Bath/Foot Salt Soaks
 I have blueberry, partridge berry and sea goddess soaks available for $7 a piece.   


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