This is what clients have had to say about their experience with Genevieve McCorquodale of Still Waters Massage:

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Thank You Tallulah :) Genevieve

Thank you! Thank you! This was such a relaxing and releasing experience. Very special indeed. I am very grateful for your healing, magical touch. Georgia Nicols Author You and Your Future
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 "I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Genevieve. I felt completely soothed and taken care of, and slipped into a feeling of timelessness. Absolutely delightful, and nourishing, long after the massage was over. I also appreciated her thoughtfulness before the massage to ask questions about my overall picture, not just about injuries or physical issues." Best, Ainslie 

Genny, My first visit and won't be my last. Enjoyed every minute. You are amazing. So glad to see you make Trepassey your home. Sheila Lee

Genny, You have the most healing hands. I would recommend your healing hands to anyone. Excellent massage and facial. Thanks again I will be back and spread the word. Great job! 
D Pike 

Genny! Fantastic yet again! Thank you for your beautiful energy! Can't wait until next time ~ M :)

Thank you so much. One of the best massages ever, and thank you for the chat. A lovely experience. Take care, Nicole

The healing touch that reaches the soul. Thank you for an experience that was out of this world. Touched my heart, head, and soul. 

What a relaxing, most awesome thing I have done in my life. Should have done it sooner. Thank-you so, so much. I enjoyed every minute of it. E. Clark-Baxter, Cartwright, NL

Thank you so much. You are awesome. I think I have been in heaven and back this evening. 

Genny, Absolutely the best massages ever. You are truly blessed with those magical hands. Brenda

Genny, There are no real words to describe the feeling. My darling you have a true gift. God bless you. Looking forward to my next visit. Janet

Thank you for the "Genny experience". So much more than a massage ~ a healing! Joan

One word. Outstanding! Thanks Bob

My new favorite part of coming home to Trepassey. Feel like a new woman everytime I leave. You are fantastic Genny ~ don't ever leave!

How do you say relaxing in ten languages? Thanks E from Alberta

Best massage ever. Will be back. 

Most relaxed I have ever been. Best massage ever. Thanks!! 
W. Carew

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of your magical touch. You certainly have healing hands. As well as your hands you have an uplifting personality. Thank you for this incredible experience and thanks to my kindergarten parents for the lovely gift. C. Pennell

Sept 4/15 Wow ~ one of the absolute best massages I've had. Totally relaxing and exhilarating ~ and I will be back. 
Thanks, D Ryan  

Well...I've never been "stoned" in my life until today...and it was the nicest feeling I've ever experienced!!! LOL!! Yes ....Genevieve at Still Waters Massage gave me the "royal" treatment and man oh man did I ever need it! Those "hot rocks" will do wonders for your body! Would recommend it to anyone! G...your healing touch and caressing hands are a blessing from God above!! Thank you...Thank you!! J. Brazil

For those who know me well, they know how I love my sunday afternoon siesta... well today I had something far better than any siesta. Thank you Genevieve McCorquodale for the wonderful, fabulous, so relaxing treatment. THE HOT ROCKS ARE KOOL!!!!!! Love them. I feel so relaxed and cozy and well.... as snug as a bug in a rug. RECOMMEND this to everyone both near and far... well worth the trip!! S. Topping

I had my 1st ever massage yesterday evening!!! It was an experience I will never forget, it was just awesome. So relaxing & peaceful. I could hardly cough due to it hurting the mussels in my back & couldn't hardly turn my head with neck pain. Well today, I feel like a new woman, all the pain & aches are gone!!! THANK YOU GENEVIEVE!!! I will be back.
J. Dawe

Had 2 awesome massages and looking forward to more. I would recommend these services to anyone. I them ! J. Hynes

Everyone should do this. Wonderful, relaxing, and awesome.
B. Sutton

Absolutely amazing, so relaxing, there is no word to describe how I feel right now. Thanks so much. Will definetly be back!!!! K. Oates

This was so amazing, very relaxing, and such a nice atmosphere. It really shows that you take pride in what you do. You are great at what you do, be very proud of your new success. I wish you all the best and a very successful business. Marina

Amazing & refreshing. Should have stayed awake for the entire experience but just sooo relaxed. Thank you! Kendra

August 29th,  2014 Wow this was so great, just what I needed. It is indeed great to relax. We need it. I'll spread the word about how great this is. God Bless. I'll be back for sure. Verna

Sept 1, 2014 EXCELLENT ~ Loved it!

Sept 3, 2014 Awesome. Loved it. Will be back soon. xx Sharon

Sept 6, 2014 Thanks so much for "saving" me from my acute pain! Thanks it was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend your healing touch. Look forward to visiting on a regular basis. Lorna

Sept 9, 2014 Thanks so much it was very relaxing. Great work. Carol Anne

Sept 10th, 2014 I loved every minute of it. So good for my back ache. Edna

Thanks so much. So relaxing. I want to stay. Really enjoyed every moment of the deep massage. God bless. Thanks again. Mary

So glad I indulged in a wonderful massage. Thank you for taking the time to treat me to such an incredibly relaxing experience. Can't wait till the next time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! B. Ryan

Just a beautiful experience. Your hands are magical. Love it!! Love it!! Edwina

Genny :) You have magic hands! I'm so relaxed! So glad you chose Trepassey as your new home and the people here get to experience your wonderful work. I look forward to my next treatment! Thank you so very much! Melissa

Genny, I will thank God I came here today. Feel great right now, so relaxed. Was worth the 2 hour travel. Nice meeting you and we will see you again. Thank you for fitting me in. Much appreciated. 


You have the most amazing HEALING HANDS!!! I have thourougly enjoyed my weekly sessions. You are a master at helping your clients relax & "let go". I would (and have) highly recommend you and your healing hands! Thanks so much, 
M. Devereaux  

I have had the good fortune of having one of the best massages that I've ever had right here in Trepassey . We are so fortunate to have Genevieve McCorquodale here in our community offering such a wonderful service. The price is very reasonable and Genevieve is a very caring individual who listens intently to your concerns and addresses your problem area with her MAGIC hands. She also uses hot stones....... Unbelievable relaxing.
Try it and you will not be sorry. Bet ya can't go just once.

feeling relaxed. B. Molloy

Aaaaahhh ... a wonderful, caring treatment. Just what I needed to kick off my 30th year. I will be recommending you to all my friends!! Thank you, peace, love, and light. Steph B, St John's, formerly of Trepassey

Good job Genevieve! I feel so relaxed after this treatment. Patsy, Trepassey, NL

I just loved the massage. Feel so relaxed. Amazing! Beautiful aromatherapy. Peaceful! Met Genevieve @ Still Waters Massage yesterday for the first time. Had a wonderful massage. Very professional, knowledgeable, kind, with a great sense of humor. I thought i was in heaven I was so relaxed. I wish I was around more because I would certainly use her service. Thanks Genevieve. Hope to see you in Trepassey again. Rose, St. Thomas, ON ~ formerly from Trepassey

You are just great at what you do. If you have time to spare and feel you want to spend it on yourself......I suggest you give Genevieve at Still Waters Massage a call. All you gardeners who work hard all day, after she is finished with you....You'll be rearing to go again!! Very professional, very private, and soooo relaxing!! Thank you Genevieve!! Wishing you much success!! Judy, Trepassey, NL

Fantastic job, feels so relaxed! Will be back. 
B. Pearce, Trepassey, NL

Your hands are a gift for the body and soul! Thank you for sharing it with me. I am filled with gratitude for meeting you! Love and Hugs, Erika, Bowen Island, BC

You have quite the talent for a giving a most exhilarating massage. Want you to know I've really enjoyed my time here and that this is the best massage I've ever had. I'm feeling great and really I just want to say Thank you! Derrick and Theresa (Ditto)

A wonderfully healing, intuitive, lovely experience today with massage and facial treatment ~ my sister and I thank for your skilled hands. Martha and Celia Paris

You have a wonderful aura about you. What an amazing experience. THANK YOU! Tony, Reney & Baby

The foot soak and tea with the conversation were a special prelude to the massage and facial. You made me see the importance of reclaiming myself in so many ways. Thank you. Perhaps we'll see each other again ...
Anne Thompson, Coquitlam

Yummmmmmmmmm! We feel blessed to have landed in your tender CARE. With much gratitude, Jenn and Lee B.

Wonderful and so needed! Thank you, Vera K, Bowen Island

Mother's Day Gift 2013
Thank you so much for your generous donation to the children's center. Your healing hands and energy has lifted me up and re-energized me. You have a wonderful gift to share in the work you do. Dyan S. Bowen Island

Lovely! So soothing and gently. Thank for caring for my body, mind, and spirit. 

What a beautiful experience. Mind, body, and spirit. Thank you so much! Blessings, Shelagh, Bowen Island

What a true gift I have received. Genevieve has an amazing presence and respect for the body. The feeling is very engaging into my soul. Feeling love for myself. Thank you, Nicole

Wonderful overall experience. Had the full body massage and it was relaxing & invigorating! Thank you very much. Beautiful space as well! Anonymous

the BEST massages EVER are from Genevieve! Toni L

Hi Genevieve!! Thank you so much for the massage last night. I will definitely be recommending my husband and friends! xo Rachel P-J

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon on a Momma's getaway. The massage was truly relaxing and the foot soak, tea and calming environment were just what I needed! Thank you so much, Teresa

My body is relaxed, baby is awake. Thank you for your expert touch and making a wonderful, relaxing afternoon for us.  Lori

Thank you Genevieve for such an amazing massage, foot soak and face treatment!!! It was such a creative and unique experience I am grateful to have received :) What a perfect end to our honeymoon! And a special thanks for going out of your way to accommodate us! We hope you enjoy the big game and wish you all the best! Melissa and Blair Jordan, Australia 

A wonderful healing experience. Three days in a row of blissful self care. Thank you so much for the individual attention, care and love you transferred to me through your healing hands. Its been wonderful meeting you and hearing your story of coming to live on Bowen. All the best, Moselle

Thank you for a very relaxing and creative session. Love the mix of styles and the cedar smells, fantastic! 
Lisa and Mike, Vancouver


Dear Genevieve, I want to thank you for your fantastic work. The massage was wonderful. I appreciated the breathing ~ the extra oxygen makes such a difference ~ to relax and just let go of that "pain in the neck." I look forward to returning and sharing my experience with a recommendation for friends and family visiting Bowen. Samantha

Thank you for the afternoon of relaxation and nice warm feet! Johanne

Thank you for such a relaxing experience. It would have been nice to sleep for the rest of the afternoon ~ but time to move on.... You have a very gentle, soothing touch! 
Gratefully, Caroline 

Wonderful! Thank you for the amazing work and inspiration. Naomi, Vancouver Island

You love your craft and it shows and flows in every touch I received ~ thank you ....!  Rebecca, North Vancouver

Sarah & I loved it here! So relaxing, the stillness is amazing! 
We will be back and will recommend. 
Thanks, Doug &Sarah, Vancouver

Dear Genevieve ~ Thanks so much for the wonderful, caring massage, it truly was an amazing experience. Not only was it extremely relaxing but it also gave me the opportunity to learn new incredible massage techniques :). Will definitely come back next time I visit Bowen Island! Take care, Emilie xoxoxov

What a treat! I am very pleased you were able to fit both Christina and I in this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed my foot detox! I can not wait to come back. Its always a pleasure to talk to someone else from back home! Thanks very much,
Paul & Christina, New Westminster, BC  (Ontario Rules!)

Thank you so much Genevieve! Spending the afternoon with you was a wonderful treat for Chris and I! With the sun shining, birds singing and after a walk around the creek & park, a massage and foot soak was pure bliss! You have a very caring touch and you make it easy to relax and let go of life's worries. I feel relaxed and rejuvinated/and I think you may have worked wonders with the cold I was fighting off! We are sure to be back in the future! Take care and I'll be sure to pass your name on to friends visiting the Island! Cheers, Meg and Chris

Thanks so much for the welcoming environment and wonderful massages. We couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary! We'll be back for sure!! Jennifer and Nico

I found Still Waters Massage to be a truly calming tranquil environment. The soft lighting, aromatherapy & beautiful beeswax candles fully set the tone. I really enjoyed the foot soak and herbal tea before my treatment. I found Genevieve to be a grounded & knowledgeable practitioner who took great care to intuit my needs. My massage was thoughtfully personalized just for me & I enjoyed my entire experience immensely!  L. Bentley, mother of three

End of the year miracle! All stress dissipated and soft strong hands relieved all my anxiety. Can't thank you enough - we'll definitely be back and we'll shine you on like the daughter of God you are! M & I, Bowen Island

I am leaving in a better mood than I came with. Thank you for your lovely good vibes and yummy citrus lotion. I loved the breath work. I think you are a white magic witch, the positive energy kind. G, Bowen Island

Very well thought out. Very relaxing, lovely. Kate, Vancouver

I loved the face treatment! The music was so relaxing and I felt so relaxed after wards! Brenda M, Vancouver

This is our 2nd to last day of my wonderful 60th birthday that my husband thought out so well! This massage will keep me coming back for more .... I loved it! Thank you for adding to my great birthday package! I am a true believer that we meet people for a reason!! Dawn, Vancouver

I want to thank you from deep in my heart for your wonderful massage sessions. Whether I walk through your door in pain or come in just needing some TLC, I leave feeling nurtured, healed and renewed. Your intuitive sense of what my mind, body and soul needs is truly amazing. Gini Grey, Bowen Island

What a lovely experience overall. ~ Welcoming, warm, soothing relaxed ~ this place has it all. And a cup of tea to top it off! We very much enjoyed the couples massage/foot soak ~ what a great way to escape from it all and settle back into who we are. 

Diane & Rob, Surrey

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, relaxing experience. This was a fabulous birthday surprise! We will definitely be back .... Can't thank you enough! Absolutely amazing :) 

Amy and Frank, Vancouver

Thank you for sharing your soft and gentle hands and your warm and loving spirit that guided me home to my body and to source. Your gift is amazing! Love Deborah, Coquitlam

From the moment we walked in we could sense you wanted to help us get relaxed for our weekend getaway! Thank you so much for the tea, awesome massages, soothing afternoon. Much needed! Polly and Don, Vancouver

Thank you once again, Genevieve, for the amazing time of healing and rejuvenation. I always feel so safe, so I can relax completely into this experience. A gift indeed! Many Blessings to you for all your good work! Titania, Bowen Island

Thank you for such a welcoming, centering experience. I felt strong, relaxed and this is even after the massage! Your warmth and attention to the process was wonderful. The flow of your work is amazing. Look forward to seeing you next year. 

C Jones, Homeopath

What a beautiful massage! I very much appreciated your caring and healing intention that I could feel behind your work. Thank you! J Ourant, Homeopath

Thanks for your gentle & effective care. It really brought me back to my body. A Douglas

Great intention! Great results! E Bender, Homeopath

I appreciate your skills and professionalism. 

Thank you. Anonymous

Your skillful massage was very relaxing. You have an innate ability (skill) to relax in the areas that need it most. 

Thank you! Anonymous

Thank you for a wonderful experience, very calming & relaxing ~ a nice break from the city. I look forward to my next visit. Susan, Vancouver

You are good, well I think so Mom ~ Andra, my daughter

Thank you for the healing. My body needed to be grounded and you just did that. See you soon. P. Dherar, Acupuncturist

This is wonderful to come 3,000 miles & experience your talents in "Still Waters." When you say 'being still is doing something' I could certainly use some help in this field. Thank-you for your gift to us. We all have talents and thank you for sharing yours. Love Mom and Dad